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Junk & Disorderly Upcycle Project


I just love spending time in at Junk and Disorderly. With the combination of old and new items, you always leave feeling so inspired about up-cycling. I personally never leave without a sneaky new project to work on.

The plan for our latest room reveal was to show you all how easy it is to up-cycle furniture items and make them look brand spanking new.

So with the little stroll through Junk & Disorderly, I ended up leaving with TWO pieces that I knew would have a place in this beautiful pastel palette Room Reveal.


I came across these cool tiled surfaced coffee tables. Falling in love with the colours of the tiles I decided the only thing it needed was a good sand back and new paint job. Easy Peasy.


I also found this antique wooden chair. Although the wood was lovely, there were a lot of holes and scratches that I wouldn't be able to repair to match the lovely wooden tone, so instead I imagined this chair painted in a glossy pastel colour.

With both of these items (and most other Wooden furniture) all they need is the same overall treatment:

1. All scratches and holes filled with Poly Filler for Timber

2. All surfaces sanded back and roughened before applying paint


3. Mask up any area's that you don't want paint to get to.


4. Apply a coat of DULUX One Step Primer 

5. Apply two coats of DULUX Aqua Enamel Paint. You can get almost any colour you want, I chose White Island Double.


Let it dry, and then you are done!!!