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D.I.Y Geometric Brass Planters


  • 2.5 meters round Brass tubing approximately 7mm diameter from WAKEFIELD METALS
  • Brass Cable from BUNNINGS
  • Mini metal pipe cutter- your brass supplier will have them 
  • Tape measure
  • Pliers



Measure the piping out to the following measurements.

  • 4x 25cm pieces
  • 8 x 15cm pieces

Cut to size with the mini tubing cutter. 

  • Place the tube inside the cutter, matching the measured line to the blade. 
  • Tighten the blade side until it holds the tube in place. 
  • Spin it around the tube one full circle and then tighten the blade side again. 
  • Repeat these steps until you have cut all the way through.
Thread 4x 15cm tubes into a square to create the mid section. Twist the wire to tie the square off. 

Thread 2 of the 25cm tubes onto the wire to form the top triangle. Twist the wire around one corner of the square to hold in place. 

Continue to thread 4 x 15cm tubes to form the bottom triangle. Twist this on to all corners of the mid-point square and cut the wires. 

Cut off a new piece of wire and twist to attach it to the top. Thread one 25cm piece of tube on and then twist at the corner of the square. Continue to thread these last 2x 25cm tubes finish the top, twisting as it meets each point. 

Tie it off at the top by twisting the wire. 

To hang the plant holder I plaited the brass wire to make a string that could be hung from anything. Or you could use an 'S' hook. 

* Try different shapes and sizes by cutting the tubes at different lengths. 

And your finished.... This plant is an Air Plant, it just survives by taking moisture from the air to help survive.