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D.I.Y Brass Plant Hanging Rack

Bringing the Outside in is a very effective way to liven up a room and give it some colour, and a breath of fresh air.

The big question do you make your indoor plants look AMAZING? 

Well, we thought long and hard about different ways to display, and we managed to design a very easy and very affordable way to hang all of the cool hanging planters that are around at the moment.

Check out how we made it, and follow our easy DIY steps to make yours at home


  • 4 x 1200 mm long TUBES OF BRASS (25mm diameter). You can get these from Wakefield Metals
  • 13 meters BLACK ROPE. We got ours from BUNNINGS. You will want rope that is better 10-12mm in thickness
  • 2 x BRASS HOOKS to secure into the ceiling
  • BLACK CABLE TIES for marking out the measurements, and tying the rope together. We got ours from the $2 Shop
  • PLANTS...hanging plants. Get some ideas here

    Laying out the rope is the most essential part of this project, as you need to ensure the measurements are marked out accurately before you add the brass tubes.

    - First. Find the exact middle of the rope.

    - Lay on the ground a 1200mm length, with the middle point in the exact centre. This is going to be your bottom rack. See Diagram 1.

    - Then pulling the left side of the rope up vertically, measure a 400mm length.

    - Repeat this until you have 4 lengths of 1200mm, and you will have an 'S' looking rope on the ground. (See Diagram 1).

    - Now, with the right side of the rope at the bottom rack, you want to repeat these same steps, which create the remaining sides of the racking system.

    You should end up with something like this ...See Diagram 2.




    Now, before going crazy and adding the Brass Tube, you need to mark out all of these key measurements so that when you weave the rope through the tubes, you know where all of the measurement's are.

    - Get your Black Cable Ties, and at each point (circled in yellow), tie a cable tie to mark where each link is. Cut the tail off the ties so that you just have a small band.


    Now you can start weaving the rope through the brass one side at at time.

    Each Brass tube (except the bottom one), will have a rope weaved through it twice, one from each side.


    When weaving the rope through the brass, you will find the markings that you created when it was laid flat. Make sure that they are all in the correct positions.

    Once you have the Brass in place, there is one last thing to do.

    You need to get your cable ties again, and now tie the two ropes together at the end of each tube. By doing this, it ensure's that the ropes won't slip out of place and become un-balanced once hung.

    TIP: When putting the ties around both ropes, apply it to the part of the rope that will be hiding inside of the tube. Once they are tied on, you can cut off the old Cable Tie Markings.

    Now you are ready to hang!

    Grab the Brass Hooks.

    Ensure that there is timber framing or something structural that you can screw these hooks into. As once the plants are added they can be quite heavy.

    Screw the hooks in at 1200mm centers.

    Tie the ropes to the hooks, and adjust if need be to ensure the rack is level.

    The knots need to be very tight to take the weight of the planting.

    NOW...add your plants!