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Midnight Mood Winter Bedroom


In a world where our lives are filled with jobs, kids, meetings and adult responsibility, at the end of the day and in the midst of winter all we want to do is wrap ourselves up in a cosy little place we call our own; our escape, our sanctuary, our bedroom.

Some people are drawn to bedrooms being light and bright, others like beautiful detailed wallpaper prints and some people just love a dark and moody space, one to feel warm and cosy like a little cocoon to sleep in.

Colour trends this winter are all pointing towards this dark and moody arrangement with rich coloured walls and floors creating a nice and moody ambience paired with rich textured velvets, animal skins and artistic printed furnishings.

Here are some great examples of recent colour trends set up in bedrooms.

It is key to embrace your wall colours whole-heartedly by applying to every wall, going dark on the floors too, and allowing natural light and life through windows and ambient lighting.

I absolutely love the feeling this room evokes while sitting here. It is oddly quiet and calming and I can imagine enjoying unwinding from a long day in this setting.

Obviously for each and every one of us, we associate different feelings and emotions with colours, and there will be no right or wrong answers to creating a room that suits your mood for this winter. Test out your mood by trialling a couple of the new season colours and question what feelings and thoughts it evokes, this helps in choosing the right colours for you.

Here are some of the latest colour trends set by Dulux Australian Stylists. What do these colours make you feel? 


LIGHTING. For darker spaces like this, it’s about letting in just the right amount of natural light- filtered through curtains, shutters or blinds so you have some shadow play. When it comes to artificial lighting, lights on a dimmer switch work perfectly, and adding ambience with candles and strings of seed lights running along a shelf or in a big glass jar.

SOFT TOUCH. Understand the importance of good quality linens for your bedroom, there is nothing better than a soft to touch set of sheets or pillowcases that keep you wrapped up at night. There are some beautiful collections of Stonewashed Linens and Egyptian Cottons around at the moment that will make your sleeping experience soothing and restful.